Providing help and support to former members of the UK Armed Forces (Veterans) across the Warwickshire & West Mercia Area.

Measure the Impact of the Project on Reoffending

Whilst it is difficult to directly measure the impact of the project on the re-offending rates proxy measures do indicate positive effects. The early identification and referral to the Projects CJS Referral & Helpline Service and to the delivery Partners are ensuring that appropriate and timely onward referrals and provision are being offered to veterans within the CJS. Most veterans who have received interventions from the work of the project has had a positive impact on recidivism and has complimented the services delivered through the Criminal Justice Services interventions. 

Further indications of the potential impact on reducing re-offending rates can be demonstrated through the journey recorded on the CJS Referral & Helpline Service – from information received showing initial referral state through to the current state. This measurement indicates that most veterans referred have received a positive outcome.

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