Providing help and support to former members of the UK Armed Forces (Veterans) across the Warwickshire & West Mercia Area.

Produce Interim and Final Reports


The Remember Veterans Project celebrates its first year of delivery showing in detail its progress against the milestones and outcomes it has been set. Work has begun on our Mid-Point (Interim) Report which will be presented shortly to the Remember Veterans Project Board, this report will be posted to this page afterwards.

We will also caputure feedback from our Veterans Champions at our coming Network Event at RAF Cosford on 6th June 2017. We will record and capture the impact made by the Remember Veterans Project on the support provided to Veterans within the CJS, and how early identification of military service has helped to increase opportunities provided to these veterans.

Our final report will also include research and evaluation conducted by Middlesex University, Arundel Associates and MOAN, who will provide their findings on the effectiveness of the Remember Veterans Project and the impact it has had for veterans and practitioners within the Crminal Justice System across Warwickshire & West Mercia. Our reseach and evalaution partners will explain their intended processes to measure this impact and evaluation. This report will be dessiminated early 2018 and will be tabled at our final conference.

Veterans case studies and testomonials on the effectiveness of the Remember Veterans Project will also be included in our reports along with feedback from staff/practitioners who have received enhanced briefings or champions training and how this has impacted on their practices and how they have have been able to better support the veterans.

Interim Project Report

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