Providing help and support to former members of the UK Armed Forces (Veterans) across the Warwickshire & West Mercia Area.

Provide Initial IAG to Veterans

  • 100 Veterans in the CJS (Prison & Prisons) have currently received initial information, support and advice from the CJS Referral and Helpline Service, with onward referrals being made to VCSEs, Community Support and Military Charities and are recorded on RV Projects CMS.
  • 564 Veterans have utilised the Drop-in Service provided by the Veterans Contact Point (VCP)
  • 19 Referrals have been made to the VCP from the Community
  • 413 media contacts (Telephone & Email) have received Information, Advice and signposting from the VCP
  • Contact established with Veterans in Custody Officers at HMP Hewell & HMP Featherstone to support via monthly VIC meetings.
  • Contact has been established with the serving military units, regular and reservists via the involvement of the project in the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire AFCC Strategic Partnership and from across the West Mercia area.
  • A referral process established and agreed, with local Resettlement Prisons (HMP Hewell and HMP Featherstone), CRC and NPS Probation Teams across the project delivery area. This also includes sharing of information regarding Veterans in Custody from both Prisons and Probation.
  • Regular attendance at Monthly Veterans in Custody Forums at HMP Featherstone with Veterans in Custody provided with IAG at Resettlement Events and VICO meetings. Forums now also attended by NHS Mental Health Services, SSAFA and other Specialist Providers.
  • Use of Project Website and CJS Referral & Helpline service which is accessed by CJS Practitioners, Community Orgs/Agencies and Veterans themselves.
  • Twitter and Facebook used by the VCP also provides a source of IAG to veterans and encourages the sharing of veteran information and advice from other media sources. 

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