Providing help and support to former members of the UK Armed Forces (Veterans) across the Warwickshire & West Mercia Area.

Enhanced Awareness Training

Volunteer Peer Support Training Course

On completion of the introduction to volunteering and mentoring in Criminal Justice Course (2 days training) learners, will:

  • Be able to identify the key criminal justice agencies and understand their role
  • Be able to understand key concepts i.e. what is an Offender; who is a Veteran
  • Have an understanding of key issues that impact on service users based on the Pathway Model
  • Understand the role boundaries between professionals and volunteer / mentors
  • Have considered and understood issues of risk
  • Understand the communication skills required to establish successful relationships
  • Have undertaken role play exercises on interview skills
  • To understand the concept of a learning cycle


We all need people who can help support us through life’s many challenges. Reaching out to your peers for help is a sign of strength that can help you build resilience and create long-lasting friendships and sources of support. Veterans understand other Veterans; this bond is one that is developed through military service, in action and in peacetime. Veteran Peer Support Volunteers are able to share common knowledge, experiences and provide other sources of support, emotional or practical help.

“I enjoyed all the training, especially meeting other veterans, listening to their stories which were similar to my own, and the trainer was also very knowledgeable, he encouraged participation from us all”

Remember Veterans CJS has provide training to 30 Volunteers and Staff interested in supporting Veterans in the Criminal Justice System. This training has included topics on the role of a peer support volunteer, listening and communications skills, team working, action planning and dealing with conflicts, safeguarding/confidentuality, role boundries, and supporting the referral process. This training has also been complimented with an insight into Military Mental Health First Aid awareness training.

Ten Volunteers who attended and completed the first training course in November 2016 are now actively involved in volunteer support roles at the Veterans Contact Point in Nuneaton, supporting referrals from across the the CJS and Community.

Future Training is planned for Veterans who are in Custody at HMP Hewell and HMP Featherstone, where we plan to run one course in each prison establishment.  Our learning and development from our initial Peer Support/Volunteer training in the community, has now enabled our trainers to look at a national qualification to make these course more attractable to veterans in custody.

A second Peer Support Course which incorporated learning from our first course has been delivered again at the Veterans Contact Point in Nuneaton, with 10 Volunteers attending this course. This cohort of Volunteers also completed the 2 day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – For the Armed Forces Community. They were joined by people from DWP, Local Councils and Military Reservists.

“A fantastic course, well presented which helped to highlight the need for an understanding of mental health issues affecting the military community, thank you”   Warrant Officer Reservist Soldier

Discussions and feedback from RV Veterans Champions Refresher Training has also identified the request from our Champions to gain an insight into Peer Support, Ubique Partnerships are now tasked to deliver a 1 day Champions Peer Support Awareness course which will be available for delivery in October through to November 2017.

We are planning a further community based Volunteer Peer Support Courses with interest shown in the West Mercia Area.

Please register your interest in becoming a Volunteer Peer Support Worker or your interest in any other training modules that we currently provide by contacting the Referral & Helpline Service Telephone: 02476 348227.


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