Providing help and support to former members of the UK Armed Forces (Veterans) across the Warwickshire & West Mercia Area.

This Project Has Now Closed

Veterans may still access the Helpline as a source of IAG, and should "identify their military status" when approaching statutory authorities, or access the Nation Veterans Gateway: 

Call Us 0808 802 1212 or Website:

Tina's Story

I served thirteen years with the RLC/Catering Corps and I had lots of plans for when I left the Army. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan at all. I found private accommodation and various part time and temporary work. I made a big mistake in not informing the Job Centre when I had work. My mistake was discovered by a routine audit and resulted in my conviction and sentence of Probation and Community Payback as well as paying back the benefits which will take me forever to do, but I am committed to doing.

I was put in touch with the Remember Veterans Project and the Veterans Contact Point, who helped me sort out my rent arrears and avoid eviction. I am attending various courses to develop my skills and I am a volunteer helping other veterans turn their lives around.

“Thank you for being there to support me and for allowing me to be there to support other veterans, I know that I would not have been able to get on with my positive life if it was not for initiatives such as the Veterans Contact Point and the Remember Veterans Project. I am also very impressed with the people who are present and patient to listen to, and support those veterans who may have temporarily lost their way.”

We need your help, so we can help you.


Please take a minute to complete this questionaire. It is anonymous and no identifying information is required. This will help us better understand the needs of all Veterans whether or not you have had contact with the crimminal justice system. 

There is an opportunity for veterans to volunteer to participate in a further survey to inform the FIRST STEP project, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant. This final question is open to veterans who have been discharged through the Military Correctional Training Centre or through Her Majesty's Prison Service.

Ubique Partnerships Ltd is a social enterprise that works with Veterans in the criminal justice system. We work closely with the Veterans Contact Point based in Nuneaton and together we have supported and employed veterans for the past 7 years. We are working with other partners delivering the The Remember Veterans.

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